Level Up Volleyball

Level Up Volleyball (LUV) is a mentorship and educational community program geared towards all ages, backgrounds and skill level. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advance player, we help players “level up” with emotional and mental support and physical fitness. Our supportive community based in Queens, New York runs classes to build skills and tournaments throughout the year.  Come join our volleyball family!


” Classes are a great way to work on the fundamentals. We incorporate drills that are fun and game-like to improve agility and game IQ. “

-Viller Y.

support community

Supportive Community

” You join other passionate volleyball players who are all eager to learn and support each other in a positive and friendly environment. “

-Gary W.



Youth Programs

” Volleyball is a sport that does not get promoted much unless you have a relative or a friend that plays and introduces you to the sport. Walk into any retail sports store and you’ll see maybe one type of volleyball on the shelf. Level Up Volleyball’s mission is to grow the love of the sport from youth on up.”

-May C.

youth programs